MARSAM has an extensive inventory of coring equipment. Below is a list of some of our more popular bottom samplers. A more in-depth description of any class of samplers can be found by clicking on the category headings in the table. If you are looking for a specific sampler and don’t see it below, feel free to contact us, we may have it.

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MST Van: As part of our service, MARSSAM maintains a seagoing laboratory van that houses a multi-sensor track (MST) for shipboard logging of physical properties data from recovered core samples. The MST van frequently accompanies our jumbo piston coring system, with the physical properties data collected from whole rounds prior to splitting used for real-time verification of recovery of as well as preliminary stratigraphic interpretation. More information on the MST can be found under CRUISE PLANNING

Reefer Van: MARSSAM also maintains several vans for shipboard refrigerated storage of recovered sediment samples. These vans are commonly used on longer cruises for which significant recovery is anticipated, and also allow for refrigerated transportation of cores back to the repository where they are to be archived. Note that UNOLS regulations prohibit using these vans as lab spaces; if you need a refrigerated environment to process your samples shipboard please contact us to discuss options.




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