Gravity Core & Kasten Core

CorerSample FootprintMax Length of Sample*Approximate Coring Device Weight
MARSSAM Gravity Corer10.16 cm diameter6 m600 lbs
MARSSAM Giant Gravity Corer10.16 cm diameter12 m3500 – 6000 lbs
Benthos Gravity Corer6.68 cm diameter3 m 
Kasten Corer (large)20 cm x 20 cm4 m3500 – 6000 lbs
Kasten Corer (small)14 cm x 14 cm3 m
*Recovery is widely variable depending on sediment type, overboarding equipment limitations and ocean/weather conditions

Gravity cores are lowered directly into the seafloor, relying on their own momentum to penetrate the sediments. A one way valve attached to the top of core liner acts as the proverbial “finger on the straw”, allowing water to pass through as the corer penetrates the seafloor, and providing suction to hold the sediments in on the way back to surface.

Kasten cores function in the same manner as a gravity core, except that they are rectangular in profile. One side of the coring box is detachable, providing access to the sediments. MARSSAM has two sizes of Kasten cores, the larger of two uses the same core weight as the jumbo piston core and giant gravity core and has a stainless steel liner inside of a galvanized sampling box; the smaller of the two consists of a stainless steel sampling box attached to a valved core weight.

Sectioning a giant gravity core on the R/V Thompson. C. Fanshier 2019.


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